Quiet Passion

Quiet Passion


Quiet Passion – the kind that comes from intimate knowledge and love over many years.  These songs express that deep love that only comes with time: for a lover, a spouse, a friend, a child, for humanity, for life.  All from soundtracks, these pieces were chosen for their stand-alone beauty, but also for the movies they accompanied.  You may not recognize some of them, but you will recognize the emotions they speak to within.  Equally evident here is this artist’s passion for the piano – a mature passion born of the intimate knowledge that could only come from his life-long experience at the instrument. In Quiet Passion, Emile Pandolfi continues to bring out the best in beautiful songs and the best in pure piano.

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1. Out of Africa  (Main Theme) 

2. Schindler’s List (Main Theme) 

3. Promenade Sentimentale (from Diva) 

4. Il Postino (Main Theme) 

5. She (from Notting Hill) 

6. The King’s Speech (Main Theme) 

7. The Notebook (Main Theme) 

8. Love Theme for Nata (from Cinema Paradiso) 

9. Glasgow Love Theme (from Love Actually) 

10. Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme) 

11. Maggie’s Theme (from The Thornbirds) 

12. Clair de Lune (used in over 55 movies, including Ocean’s Eleven, Twilight, Giant)