Days of Wine and Roses

Days of Wine and Roses


From the first note to the last on this timeless collection of classic movie theme songs, Emile Pandolfi will take your heart on a musical journey. With melodies as rich and elegant as your favorite bottle of Bordeaux, and velvety smooth arrangements that stir the soul, Days Of Wine & Roses will become an essential ingredient of a romantic evening. Listen below.

Fans old and new will drink in the passionate interpretations and fall in love with Pandolfi all over again.

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Track listing:

1. Nadia’s Theme  
2. Charade
3. The Summer Knows
4. Moon River  
5. The Way We Were
6. Terms of Endearment  
7. Evergreen
8. The Sweetheart Tree
9. Theme From Forest Gump
10. A Day in the Life of a Fool
11. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
12. Days Of Wine & Roses

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