Nights on Broadway

Nights on Broadway


The excitement and wonder of Broadway in the ’80s and ’90s has been captured magnificently on this carefully crafted collection of solo piano arrangements by Emile Pandolfi. The songs on this album were thoughtfully selected because of the intense, heart-gripping moments they created on stage in the particular musical for which they were written. 

Emile on Broadway: “Music that comes from the stage is, for me, the most natural to arrange and play. With melodies and lyrics that are already so moving, I find that my hardest tasks are settling on the final selections; and, as ideas seem to pour out of my fingers, I must decide when an arrangement is complete. It’s a delightful problem!” We hope this offering brings to you all the magic of those wonderful “Nights On Broadway.” Listen below.

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Track Listing:

1. Seeing Is Believing from ‘Aspects Of Love’  
2. Another Suitcase In Another Hall from ‘Evita’ 
3. Song On The Sand from ‘La Da Da Da’ 
4. Tell Me On A Sunday from ‘Song And Dance’
5. The First Man You Remember from ‘Aspects Of Love’
6. Bring Him Home from ‘Les Miserables’ 
7. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from ‘Phantom Of The Opera’
8. I Know Him So Well from ‘Chess’ 
9. On My Own from ‘Les Miserables’  
10. The Last Night Of The World from ‘Miss Saigon’
11. As If We Never Said Goodbye from ‘Sunset Blvd.’ 
12. Love Changes Everything from ‘Aspects Of Love’