The Silver Screen

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An Affair To Remember

affair-bigRomance and quiet passion emanate from this, Emile Pandolfi's third album of pieces for solo piano. Under his sensitive and caring touch, these timeless melodies come to life in ways that are sometimes gentle, sometimes thrilling, always moving, and always genuine. These fine performances will evoke and perhaps inspire your own sweetest moments, and help More Info »
Price: $15.98

Days Of Wine & Roses

days-bigFrom the first note to the last on this timeless collection of classic movie theme songs, Emile Pandolfi will take your heart on a musical journey. With melodies as rich and elegant as your favorite bottle of Bordeaux, and velvety smooth arrangements that stir the soul, Days Of Wine & Roses will become an essential More Info »
Price: $15.98

Once Upon a Romance

romance-bigHere are ten wonderful, classic songs from the favorite movies of our childhoods, all captured and presented by the incomparable solo piano style of Emile Pandolfi. Few pianists can successfully express as Emile does the range of emotions in these wonderful melodies. Emile's tender touch reminds us of the sweetness and mystery from our own More Info »
Price: $15.98

Pianist Philosophy

“When I was about six years old, I remember losing my pencil holder. It was so special to me, one I had longed for well before my parents got it for me... “Rather than replace it, my mom told me, ‘It’s only things. It doesn’t matter.’ And somehow, I actually got what she meant. It was my first philosophy lesson. It’s only things. I still say that to myself when I need it."