Some Enchanted Evening


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Can you remember the very moment when you realized that you were in love? We have been enchanted, and we finally recognize all the symptoms; we’re giddy and light-headed, daily concerns become trivial, and life is beyond good, it is transcendent. This instant of awareness, the moment of love’s recognition, is the theme of this exquisite album from Emile Pandolfi. His insightful and haunting arrangements of these classic Broadway songs, illuminated by his masterful touch on the piano, truly do this theme loving justice. Emile has captured for all of us love’s enchantment, and hearing is believing.

1. Gigi from ‘Gigi’  
2. People Will Say We’re In Love from ‘Oklahoma’  
3. If I Loved You from ‘Carousel’ 
4. They Say It’s Wonderful from ‘Annie Get Your Gun’
5. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face from ‘My Fair Lady’
6. If Ever I Would Leave You from ‘Camelot’ 
7. Secret Love from ‘Calamity Jane’  
8. Almost Like Being In Love from ‘Brigadoon’
9. Edelweiss from ‘Sound of Music’  
10. Hello, Young Lovers from ‘The King and I’
11. Hey There from ‘Pajama Game’ Hey There from ‘Pajama Game’  
12. Some Enchanted Evening from ‘South Pacific’ 

About the Pianist

With almost thirty recordings in his own discography, Emile Pandolfi ranks among America’s most popular piano artists. With the majority of his performance repertoire being lush, intricate arrangements of Broadway and standards that form the canon of "The Great American Songbook", his influences are, in fact, more classical than pop. And it is this subjective layering of classical style that Pandolfi infuses onto the broad palette of selections performed in his frequent concerts that resonates with audiences everywhere.