Please Welcome… Best Of Volume 1


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With the phenomenal success of Emile Pandolfi’s first four albums, “By Request,” “An Affair To Remember,” “Remember Me,” and “Once Upon A Romance,” we selected these songs to bring you the best of all four.

The luxurious emotion woven from track to track will cast a hauntingly romantic spell spun from 88 keys that you will want to spin again and again.

If you’ve never been under the spell, “Please Welcome…Emile Pandolfi.”

1. Beauty and the Beast from Once Upon A Romance  
2. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? from An Affair to Remember  
3. Phantom of the Opera Medley (Music of the Night/Think of Me/All I Ask of You) from By Request  
4. Ebb Tide from An Affair to Remember  
5. Someone to Watch Over Me from Remember Me  
6. Ice Castles Theme from By Request  
7. Unchained Melody from An Affair to Remember  
8. Somewhere in Time from By Request  
9. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Once Upon a Romance  

About the Pianist

With almost thirty recordings in his own discography, Emile Pandolfi ranks among America’s most popular piano artists. With the majority of his performance repertoire being lush, intricate arrangements of Broadway and standards that form the canon of "The Great American Songbook", his influences are, in fact, more classical than pop. And it is this subjective layering of classical style that Pandolfi infuses onto the broad palette of selections performed in his frequent concerts that resonates with audiences everywhere.