Do You Hear What I Hear


SKU: MMC-259



Emile Pandolfi’s classical piano training is strikingly evident as you listen to the graceful flow of the traditional carols on this beautiful holiday recording. The richly delicate opening measures of O Come All Ye Faithful set the tone for the remainder of the album. The title cut, Do You Hear What I Hear, is a creative and dynamic adaptation of this beautiful piece of music. This is Mr. Pandolfi’s third seasonal offering on the MagicMusic recording label. This exquisite album is an elegant addition to any serious collection of holiday music; another extraordinary opportunity to share the magic of Emile’s gifted keyboard interpretations!

About the Pianist

With almost thirty recordings in his own discography, Emile Pandolfi ranks among America’s most popular piano artists. With the majority of his performance repertoire being lush, intricate arrangements of Broadway and standards that form the canon of "The Great American Songbook", his influences are, in fact, more classical than pop. And it is this subjective layering of classical style that Pandolfi infuses onto the broad palette of selections performed in his frequent concerts that resonates with audiences everywhere.